Statutory Requirements:

  • Conformity with existing Water Resources Master Plan (WRMP), Catchment Management Plan (CMP) and Catchment Water Allocation Plan (CWAP);
  • Environmental Flows and Social Priority Requirements; and
  • Payment of all prescribed fees.


  Project Specific (Case-by-Case) Requirements:

Table :   Conditions For Water Rights Allocation And Licence

S/N Water Source Water Use Type Compliance Conditions
I Surface Water (River)
and Groundwater (Borehole, Shallow Well)
Any Type Installation of master water metre and lockable controlling device
Domestic & Public Supplies No limitations except for water-scarce Catchments
Irrigation & Other Commercial Uses Abstraction permitted only after alternative resources have proved unavailable and contingent upon approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
II Groundwater (Borehole, Shallow Well) Any Type Every Borehole must be inspected and the installed pump capacity tested by NIWRMC.
Any Type Maximum daily allocations (m3/day) not to exceed 20% of tested yield as measured from test pumping
General Irrigation No further increase in water allocation permitted for existing original or supplementary permits to support expansion of irrigated area.
Applicants will be expected to utilise from the outset state of the art industry standard efficient water use technologies including soil moisture monitoring.
III Surface Water (River) Domestic Allocated from normal flow.
Minor Irrigation Allocated from normal flow but limited to a maximum of 50m3/day per individual or 250m3/day gross from any individual point for multi-household schemes.
General Irrigation Allocated from normal flood flow only; Off-take works to be compliant with self-regulating principles – this implies that storage is mandatory.
Livestock Allocated from normal flow up to maximum of 250m3/day.
Other Uses To be decided on a case-by-case basis.