Key elements of the monitoring programme shall include:

  • Monitoring Water Resources availability through collaboration with relevant agencies to establish/maintain a network of hydrometric stations and development of rating curves for gauge stations;
  • Monitoring water use through a sustainable water use data reporting system: and
  • Monitoring of water allocation.

 Compliance Enforcement

Strategies and measures to enhance compliance shall include:

  • Building compliance framework through stakeholders’ participation;
  • Stakeholder education and enlightenment campaigns;
  • Raising awareness on the benefits of compliance and the penalties for defaults;
  • Collaborate with relevant agencies to install sufficient staff gauges on the water resources for measuring water levels and assessing the general conditions of the resources;
  • Maintenance of Water Users Register for existing, renewing and amending water allocation license;
  • Installation of Measurement Device and Local Lockable controlling Device as pre-condition for authorisations;
  • Modalities for reporting infringements to the water licence conditions; and

Clearly defined penalties and restrictions on violators.