Step 1:   Filling of Water Licence Application Form:

  • Formal Letter of Request for Water Licence to the Executive Director, Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC);
  • Letter of Request referred to the Department of Allocation and Authorisation for issuance of Water Licence Application form;
  • Request letter routed to Registry for filing ad referencing;
  • Water Licence Application form completely filled and notarised;
  • Applicants pays to the designated Treasury Single Account (TSA), the corresponding Water Licence Application (WLA) processing fees and attach three (3) copies payment evidence to the WLA;
  • Applicant submits the accomplished WLA form to the Department of Allocation and Authorisation.

Step 2:   Screening of Water Licence Application (WLA)

  • Water Licence Application Number/Reference assigned by the Water Allocation Unit of the Department of Allocation and Authorisation;
  • Coordinates (latitude and longitude) of water source determined/validated;
  • Check correct filling of form and completeness of prescribed accompaniments, including evidence of payment of corresponding processing fees;
  • Extract salient project data and prepare WLA data sheet to be shared with Monitoring and Enforcement Department and the Finance Section;
  • Notify Applicant of successful filing or otherwise of WLA, with an endorsement for applicant to publish public Notice of the WLA, adopting the format prescribed by the Commission (Water Allocation Unit).

Step 3:   Field Investigation Mission

  • A combined team of Water Allocation, Development Control, and Authorisation and Licencing Staff of Allocation and Authorisation Department conducts field inspection/investigation of the project;
  • Notify Applicant of field Investigation Mission (by the Authorisation and Licencing Unit);
  • Prepare Report of field mission (by the Authorisation and Licencing Unit).

Step 4:   Review of Protest in Respect of Water Licence Application (WLA)

  • After sixty (60) days of posting of the Notice, is allotted for the affected party/parties to file its formal opposition on the WLA;
  • Protestant/Oppositor submits to NIWRMC its opposition letter together with payment of protest fee in the amount specified;
  • Protest is docketed by the Department Control Unit staff;
  • The Chief Executive Officer assigns the case to a Hearing Committee, which conducts the hearing of the case;
  • Hearing Committee to comprise staff drawn from Development Control, Legal, Public Relations Unit, Corporate Support Services and Monitoring and Enforcement Departments;
  • Resolution of cases is recommended to the Executive Director.

Step 5:   Technical Evaluation Of Water Licence Application

  • Determine water sources whether surface water, spring or deep well sources;
  • If the deep well is not existing, Permit to Drill (PTD) is issued with a validity of thirty (30) days;
  • After drilling, Applicant submits to NIWRMC the deep well drilling data, pumping test results, bacteriological test and/or water analysis;
  • If drilling has not been completed during the validity period, Applicant may request for an extension of its PTD for another thirty (30) days citing reason why drilling did not commence;
  • If the deep well is existing, Applicant is issued an order penalising him/her for drilling the deep well without the PTD;
  • Applicant pays to the designated TSA the penalty and furnish the Development Control Unit the Official Receipt (OR) Number and when it was paid;
  • Application is evaluated by considering the water requirement of the Applicant, water availability within the area, capacity of the water sources, and effect of the Applicant’s sources to other users; and
  • Recommends to the Commission the amount of water to be granted to the Applicant.

Step 6:   Recommendation and Approval

  • Water Licence Application Evaluation Report is compiled by the Authorisation and Licencing Unit;
  • Water Licence Application Evaluation Report is reviewed and authenticated by the Director, Allocation and Authorisation Department;
  • Water Licence Application Evaluation Report is submitted to the Executive Director, NIWRMC for his review and comments;
  • All Water Licence Applications (WLAs) with a recommended amount of water of m3/s or as applicable is deliberated and approved/deferred/denied by the NIWRMC Management; and
  • The Allocation and Authorisation Departmental Secretary prepares the Management resolution of the approved Water Licences and signed by the Management Members.

Step 7:   Conditional Water Licence/Permit

  • NIWRMC assigns Conditional Water Licence/Permit Number to the approved water licence/permit applicant;
  • Billing/Accounts Section computes the annual water charge of the Licensee/Permitee;
  • Allocation and Authorisation Unit prepares the Conditional Water Licence/Permit;
  • Conditional Water Licence/Permit is signed by the Executive Director on the recommendation of the Director, Allocation and Authorisation;
  • Applicant is notified through letter and an order of payment is prepared by the Allocation & Authorisation Department;
  • Applicant (now Licensee/Permitee) pays the corresponding Annual Water Charges to the designated Treasury Single Account (TSA); and
  • Conditional Water Licence/Permit is released after licensee/permitee presents the evidence of payment to the Allocation & Authorisation Department.

Step 8:      Releasing of Water Licence/Permit

  • Holders complies with the conditions imposed in the conditional water licence/permit;
  • Allocation & Authorisation Department reviews the compliance and prepares recommendation for issuance of water licence/permit to be approved by the Executive Director;
  • Water Licence/Permit is prepared by the Allocation & Authorisation Department and signed by the Honourable Minister on the recommendation of the Executive Director;
  • Applicant is notified through the Billing Statement sent by the Billing/Accounts Section of the Finance and Administration Department;
  • Applicant pays the corresponding annual water charges to the designated Treasury Single Account (TSA); and
  • Water Licence/Permit is released after Licensee/Permitee presents to Allocation and Authorisation Department.