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The Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission is a unique Regulatory Organization, involving a partnership of the Federal, States, Local Governments and the Federal Capital Territory.

Professional Staff

Our staff are our strength as they are good at what they do.

Licensed Industry

We work with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources

Technical Regulation

of all aspects of Water Resources exploitation

About Our NIWRMC

To be a world class Water Resources Regulatory Agency delivering sufficient quantity and quality of water, for all uses and users

The Mandate of the Commission shall be to regulate, protect, conserve and control Water Resources defined in this Law as the “National Water Resources” (Act 2004) for equitable and sustainable social and economic development, also to maintain the environmental integrity of the ecosystem;

Implement regulatory policies on activities relating to the management of Water Resources in Nigeria;

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On the International arena, the Commission intends to collaborate with the following agencies