The Department of Human Resource Management is charged with the management of personnel matters to the achievement of overall organizational goals and objectives.

The Department aims at harnessing human resource and channeling it into required use. Its mandate covers administrative, as well as general services functions.

It maintains welfare of the staff by enhancing conducive work environment, ensuring adequate conduction of systematic training for the different categories of staff whose development requires constant planning and budgeting. It also ensures adequate security of life of staff and property of the Commission, provision of utilities and work materials, office space and maintenance of utility vehicles, equipment and properties.

These are scheduled and carried out diligently to achieve the statutory functions of personnel management. The functions devolve around clearly defined administrative and general services activities.


The department is structured into the following divisions:

  1. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline
  2. Staff Welfare and Training
  3. General Services


HRM Department as one of the core service departments provides the following functions:

  • Proposes staff appointment, promotion and disciplinary matters;
  • Develops and implement staff training and capacity development program;
  • Processes staff retirement and pension benefits;
  • Serves as repository of information relating to staff;
  • Enrolment of staff into IPPIS platform;
  • Assisting the Executive Director in coordinating the posting of technical staff;
  • Processes the engagement of National Youth Service Corp members and students on industrial training;
  • Receipt, document and allocate vehicles, machines, equipment, stationeries to the Departments, Units and Catchment Offices of the Commission for improved staff productivity;
  • Develop and maintain all necessary records including plants and vehicles registers and assets of the Commission;
  • Ensures that all the facilities of the Commission are in good and functional state for the use of staff at all times;
  • Ensures that all the utility bills of the Commission are paid as at when due
  • Ensures that the physical environments of the Commission including all offices are kept clean and tidy at all times;
  • Carries out all maintenance and rehabilitation work on the office and structures;
  • Enforcing the laws and regulations pertaining to sanity rights of the Commission; and

Surveillance/security of lives

Mr,  Ajannah
Director Human Resource