Purpose and Functions of the NIWRMC

  • The Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission is a unique Regulatory Organization, involving a partnership of the Federal, States, Local Governments and the Federal Capital Territory.
  • The purpose of this partnership, would be enabled by the National Water Resources Act which seeks essentially to Promote and Coordinate effective planning and management for the equitable distribution of Water Resources in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner, which implies the use of water, land and other related environmental resources of the shared National and International Water Resources.

The Commission has amongst many others the following functions:

  • Implement regulatory policies on activities relating to the management of Water Resources in Nigeria;
  • Be responsible for economic and technical regulation of all aspects of Water Resources exploitation and provision (construction, operation, maintenance and tariffs) of public and private Water Resources infrastructure;
  • Ensure the safety and quality of Water Resources development and public water services by regulating standards for execution and performance;
  • Issue Water Resources licenses in accordance with the provisions of the Act;
  • Monitor the conduct of holders of the licenses and to enforce the conditions included in the licenses;
  • Monitor and report to the Minister charges paid by consumers, the performance of licensees and other persons in meeting the standards developed under the Act.