1. Introduction

The department of Allocation and Authorization is one of the core technical department in the Commission.

It is made up of three distinct divisions with specific functions. The Department is basically charged with the responsibilities of processing and issuance of license for all licensable water use activities, in addition to monitoring developments that can impact water quality for river flows and take proactive role.

  1. Structure of the Department

The Department is made up three (3) distinct Divisions;

  • Water Allocation
  • Development Control
  • Authorization and Licensing.


  1. Functions of the Department

The functions of the Department are specific to the Divisions as detailed below:

  • Determine and regulate sectorial and geographical water allocation.
  • Determine the level of water pollution using the “polluter” and “user pays” principles.
  • Collaborate with other departments and agencies to determine acceptable level of pollution by discharge that meet water quality standards for each river basin;
  • Working with dam operators to determine & approve rule curves.
  • Monitoring developments that can impact water quality for river flows and take proactive role.
  • Conflict resolution on technical issues with respect to licencing activities.
  • Ensuring dams safety operation in flood prevention.
  • Field monitoring & investigation of approved water development projects;
  • Review of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Processing applications for water use licenses.
  • Analyze, assess and ensure due diligence on prospective Licensees in conjunction with other departments.
  • Study the viability of the project in relation to the license sought for.
  • Analyze the socio-economic impact of the Business firm seeking License.
  • Deal with other economic or social issues that may arise pre-issuance or post-issuance of the Water Use Licence.
  • Ensure local content and corporate social responsibilities are encouraged.
  • Ensuring that extraction or storage does not place the downstream users at disadvantage.
  • Ensuring that unintended adverse consequences are mitigated against during licence processing.
  • Specification of technical standards for water metering equipment.

Director, Authorization and Allocation