Regulation of Water

As a regulator in the sector, the Commission continued to process applications for water right licenses to prospective service providers.

Water Demand

Water demands have increased faster than population growth and currently more than one third of the nation’s population live in basins that experience medium to high water stress

Climate Change

Climate change has increased the frequency of incidence of drought, flooding, groundwater overdraft, land and water degradation


The Federal Executive Council, pursuant to the Government Reform Agenda for the nation’s Water Resources Sub-sector, in May, 2007 created the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission. The Commission is charged with a primary mandate of making and implementing Regulations for the control and management of water abstraction, and discharges into Federal watercourses, water use and a host of water affecting activities in Nigeria.

To provide equitable, effective and efficient management of Nigeria’s water resources without compromising the environment.

1. Definition of water footprint standard
2. Regulation of water resources development
3. Water resources planning and management

To be a world class water resources regulatory agency in Nigeria ensuring sustainable delivery of sufficient quantity and quality of water for all uses.


The paradigm shift in approach to the management of the nation’s water resources, from the traditional to the global best practices of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), also requires that appropriate legal and institutional framework and policies are put in place to drive the process. Integrated Water Resources Management Approach seeks to promote the availability of sufficient water quantitatively and qualitatively, and in both temporal and spatial context for all uses and users. Other underlying objectives of the IWRM approach include social equity and enhancement of access to the resource by the different strata of the populace as well as the protection and sustainability of the environment.


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