"To be a world class water resources regulatory agency in Nigeria ensuring sustainable delivery of sufficient quantity and quality of water for all uses”


To provide equitable, effective and efficient management of Nigeria’s water resources without compromising the environment.



Water demands have increased faster than population growth and currently more than one third of the nation’s population live in basins that experience medium to high water stress


As a regulator in the sector, the Commission continued to process applications for water right licenses to prospective service providers. Water Use Regulation has been vetted by the Federal Ministry of Justice and gazetted in February, 2016.


Climate change has increased the frequency of incidence of drought, flooding, groundwater overdraft, land and water degradation



Mr. Reuben A. Habu

Executive Director

Dr. Maroof Lawal

Ag. Director, Corporate Support Services


Catchment Management and Water Utilization Department: DIVISION

Allocation & Authorization Department: DIVISION

ESTABLISHMENT The Federal Executive Council in accordance with global best practice, and following the recommendation of the Committee on Federal Government Public Reform approved the establishment of the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission (NIWRMC) in May 2007. The Commission is essentially to assist the Honourable Minister responsible for Water Resources and by extension the people and governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to regulate and control the rights by all persons to develop and use water resources shared by more than one state. The bill for an Act to legally establish the Commission was passed by both Houses of the National Assembly in May, 2011 and awaiting Mr. President assent. MANDATE The Commission has three key distinct roles: - Definition of standards; - Regulation of water resources development and - Water Resources Planning and Management. FUNCTIONS The Commission has the following functions key among which are: a) Implement regulatory policies on activities relating to the development of water resources in Nigeria; b) Be responsible for economic and technical regulation of all aspects of water resources exploitation and provision (construction, operation, maintenance and tariffs) of public and private water resources infrastructure; c) Ensure the safety and quality of water resources development and public water services by regulating standards for execution and performance; d) Issue water resources licenses in accordance with the provisions of the Act; e) Monitor the conduct of holders of the licenses and to enforce the conditions included in the licenses; f) Monitor and report to the Minister charges paid by consumers, the performance of licensees and other persons in meeting the standards developed under the Act; g) Liaise with relevant agencies to conduct studies and surveys for the purpose of establishing water resources balance, catchment management plans and water efficiency strategies; h) Interact and consult with approved local and international organizations engaged in Integrated Water Resources Management and liaison with other relevant Agencies to determine Nigeria’s input into the setting of international technical standards for Water Resources development within the provision of this Act; i) Receive and investigate complaints from licensees, developers, consumers and other persons in the Water Resources sector; j) Protect consumers from unfair practices of licensees and other persons in the supply of Water Resources services and facilities; k) Facilitate technical assistance in all aspects of Integrated Water Resources Management; l) Perform such other functions which in the opinion of the Commission are required for the purpose of achieving its objectives under this Act including any of the functions of the Minister as contained in the Water Act, which the Minister may delegate to it from time to time.



The water use regulation has been launched by the Honorable Minister of Water Resources on the 20th of January 2017.

The water use Regulation has been launched by the Honorable Minister of Water Resources on the 20th of January 2017. ...